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Our most recent testimonials, which says everything about us

We have a Basset Hound with a nervous demeanor and aggressive tendencies, so a kennel stay can be stressful for all parties involved – our dog, the kennel staff, and my husband and me. I tried multiple kennels in the Cambridgeshire area, each for a short test period, and all of them were nightmarish experiences. That’s why I was delighted to discover Silver Birch! Dean and his staff have been nothing but patient with our dog, going above and beyond to make him feel comfortable. Now, instead of attacking them, our dog loves to hang out with the kennel staff … it’s nothing short of a miracle! Although it is almost an hour drive each way to drop off or pick up our dog, it is well worth the extra time. Our dog is never stressed out when I pick him up, and we are not stressed out about leaving him, which means we can enjoy our vacation knowing he is in good hands. Because of our wonderful experience, I would recommend Silver Birch to anyone.

Carmen Coker and Tux the Basset - 16th September 2012


It is so difficult to leave a dog in a kennel while you are away. But from the day I met Dean, I knew that my Boston Terrier wasn't in a traditional kennel... he was so well taken care of! It was clear from the beginning that Dean and his team care so much about the animals that stay with them. They knew all about my dog's quirks and kept him happy. For the first time, my dog was not ready to come home when I came to collect him. I am using Silver Birch again for a couple of weeks, knowing that my dog will be very well looked after!

Diane Crawford, Suffolk - 8th August 2012


Recently, my husband and I needed to find a kennel for our rescue dog. I had read a testimonial about Dean at Silver Birch so off we went with our dog to meet him. Dean was incredibly calm and responded well to our reportedly 'troubled' rescue dog. It was reassuring to have a conversation with someone who understands dogs as well as Dean does. The kennels are secure and really well laid out. So now we can take a holiday knowing that our very special boy will be in safe hands. Thanks Dean. We are chuffed to have found you.

Karen Reeve, East Anglia - 24th July 2012 

Here are some more comments from our happy customers:

We have always been reluctant to use kennels, especially since we have a bulldog that thinks he's human! After meeting Dean and seeing firsthand he's wonderful chemistry with dogs, we felt we had no qualms whatsoever in leaving Stan to stay. The kennels are great, plenty of exercise and playtime, and most of all plenty of love! We even take Stan back to visit Dean. Overall Stan loved his stay and we had peace of mind leaving him in his care. Sophie Parsons, Cambridgeshire