A quiet Kennels is a sign of happy and content dogs

At Silver Birch we are all about quality of care and not quantity of pets. With only 17 kennels of various sizes to accommodate all breeds or families, that have been designed with the dogs’ welfare in mind. We are able to provide exactly what the dogs need to feel loved and at home.

Our Kennels are designed for the dogs to see the outside and to watch our staff and other guests at play. This means that when the dogs are left to sleep and have their own quiet time, they are able to do so. Dogs love to sleep, especially during the day and at Silver Birch, fun and play time are usually followed by nap time.

How many Kennels are laid out with a central corridor and all of the dogs facing each other? This alone is enough to send most dogs into a barking frenzy which leads to so much stress and absolutely no rest.

Would your dog bark at home if another strange dog was barking at him through a fence less than a metre away?

The answer is probably yes. So why would you want to leave them at a kennels where the noise even for 5 minutes is totally unnecessary and incredibly stressful for your pet.

We at Silver Birch care about the dogs and we work very hard every day to make sure that every visitor to our Kennels is treated as an individual.

To this day we have remained a small family business and have no intention of increasing our capacity. We want to spend time getting to know your pets and share the joy and love they give us.

If you want a friendly caring experience for your four legged friend, then come and meet the guys at Silver Birch.

Hi Dean,we have been coming to your Kennels for many years now with our dogs Heidi and Ben age 8 and 6 and have to say it is a pleasure bringing them to somewhere they seem to really enjoy and have them looked after by someone they, and we, can totally trust and depend on. They always go running in, take no notice of all the other dogs as they are just in such a rush to get to their home from home (even if Ben was a bit reluctant this time to go in the new Kennel after going in the same one for years!). But they have no problems with you or the surroundings, it means we can go away and relax knowing they are in VERY good hands. So a very BIG THANKYOU from all of us. Cheryl, John, Kimberley, Heidi and Ben Ruleby Cheryl Rule, Cambridgeshire

Dog thinking

Dougie having fun