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Silver Birch Kennels & Cattery in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Welcome to Silver Birch

We are a small, caring and friendly place for your four legged friends to stay and have fun.

Dean has owned and managed the Kennels for 7 years and he still to this day loves the exciting day to day experiences that come with spending time with so many four legged furry friends. His life is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of many loved pets who come for their holidays and his enthusiasm is as great as always.

Please have a look around our fun new website, watch the videos of our happy guests and read our many testimonials. We are sure you will be impressed and we would love you to pop in to see how a Kennel and Cattery really should be - tranquil, fun and a lovely place for your pets to visit.

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What our owners say...

We’re lucky enough to be able to leave our dog, Minnie, with my mother whenever we go away, so anguishing over which boarding kennels to use wasn’t something I ever expected to do. However, when my mother had the audacity to go on holiday at the same time as us, anguish I did! As with all dog owners, I didn’t relish the thought of leaving my beloved pet with a stranger and assumed she’d spend all day pining from the confines of a grubby little kennel. So imagine my surprise when we turned up at Silver Birch to be met with spacious, clean kennels and a very smiley Dean! The fact that Silver Birch is a small kennels makes a big difference, and knowing that Dean and Jo wouldn’t be caring for 100 other dogs was a great relief. The first time Minnie stayed with them, she’d undergone an (unplanned) operation only a few days prior so we were especially concerned about leaving her. But Dean listened carefully to all the details and went the extra mile by following the care routine she needed. I was also impressed by the raised beds and raised food / water bowls for larger dogs. When we returned Minnie was happy and healthy and continued to make a big fuss of Dean even after she’d been to welcome us back. She absolutely adores him so all his talk of taking her for walks and playing with her must have been true! She’s since stayed for a long weekend and I’m sure she can’t wait for her next visit. Amber Bryan, Cambridgeshire